Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Geekatoo - Saving $$ on Local Tech Support, Computer Repair, & More!

Geekatoo is a great referral source to locate local geeks for computer repair, home theater installation, network issues, tech support, virus removal, web design, and more.  These Geeks are a lot less expensive than the Geek Squad (averages 75% cheaper).  All Geeks have gone through a vetting process - identity verification, employment history, residential history, and criminal background check all completed by outside background search firms.  Geeks also must undergo knowledge tests to verify they know their stuff.

Benny fiddled with and built computers back in Germany so most of the stuff I can't do he can.  However, there are times that he's totally stumped.  Currently his laptop just shuts down for no reason.  We're not sure if it's just too much dust on the fan or something more ominous.  If it's not a dust issue Geekatoo would be a perfect solution.  He can pick out a Geek and they can speak Geek when he/she is working on his laptop.

How it works:
  1. Join Geekatoo for FREE!
  2. Post the problem you're having.
  3. Geeks will post their bids to solve your problem.
  4. Either wait for bidding to be complete or select the geek you really like.
  5. Meet to fix your problem.
  6. Once the job is complete, the Geek will invoice you on Geekatoo.
  7. Pay your invoice through the payment gateway (i.e. Amazon, PayPal, etc).
It's just that easy!

Just for signing up you get $5 to use towards services.  When you refer someone they'll get $10 off their first service.  Once their service is completed you'll also get $10.  It's a win-win situation saving money and getting discounts on future services!

Click here to sign up to get or give tech help.