Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ruffled Cotton Poplin Top from

I was asked to review an item from eShakti's Spring collection.  Because I rarely wear skirts or dresses I picked out a couple of shirts, making a slight adjustment to experience the customization.

Hip Length
The shirt I received (my #1 choice) was the Ruffled Cotton Poplin Top (Product ID : CL0025748) in Watermelon. If your measurements (bust, weight, & hips) aren't similar to what's listed on the size chart I'd suggest that you select a custom size instead of the standard sizes.  My measurements almost match my size to a T so I stick with the standard size.  I selected my height from the dropdown menu.  The customization I selected for this shirt was to have the tunic at hip length.  I'm not sure what the standard length is called and can't really see the difference.  (I'm not good at seeing subtle differences.)

When I first saw the shirt I thought the color was a little off but know that the color you see on the screen rarely matches 100% to the fabric.  It's a trick of the eye your computer plays on you.

Trying this shirt on was a different story....I'm not sure what happened when they made it.  You see the little poof at the shoulders?  Well my shirt ended up with invisible shoulder pads reminiscent of the 80's style!  This just doesn't look right on me.  Other than that I think this shirt looks great on me.  What do YOU think?

Trying it on
After I washed the shirt and have my hair down I don't think the shoulders looked as poofy.
After washing
What I haven't figured out about eShakti's shirts is the partial side zip. I'd understand if it zipped down to the bottom of the shirt.  If someone could explain this to me I'd appreciate it!

eShakti offers shirts, skirts, dresses, cardigans, and dresses in size 0-36W, all with custom sizes and styles.  eShakti - Real fashion for real people.


  1. I know the colour is different on screen, but it looks nice. I am a fan of watermelon obviously :)

  2. The dress I received didn't fit me at all and I'm true to my size so I didn't select the custom measurement. Seems like they have worked well for others though, I wish I had the same results with mine!

    BTW, I couldn't reply back again to our thread on SITSSummer, but that is exactly what I'm doing with my ManageFlitter. I like the clean slate idea. My friend does this monthly with all of his accounts, and I'm going to do my facebook next. It's actually quite liberating!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    1. I've also heard mixed reviews about their clothes. I guess it all depends on who's doing the customizing at eShakti's shop.

  3. I love this top with the ruffles! But then again, I'm a girly girl who loves that kind of thing! I think it looks great on you! The cut gives your waist definition and the "jacket" is a nice embellishment. By the way I came over to check your blog out because you commented on mine earlier this weekend. :) I've enjoyed looking around!