Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Tai Cheng'd It Up & Lost

May 5 - August 3, 2013

If you followed my weight loss progress on Life as We Live The Long and Winding Road to Wellness: Cassi's Journey you saw my transformation since joining Weight Watchers and starting Tai Cheng.  I've received so many compliments over these past months slimming down.  Even though I can't always notice the changes everyone else around me does.  The encouragement from others helps keep me plodding along the weight loss path.

The Tai Cheng Program

This is what's included when you purchase the program - 

Every day you start off with the Neural Reboot (warm-up) and then work on the Tai Chi moves.  The first three phases consist of learning six moves individually the first week, pairing them up the second week, and putting all the moves in sequence the third week.  With the final phase you do the first and second sequences (separately) the first week, the second and third sequences (separately) the second week, and all three sequences (separately) the final two weeks.

Program FAQ (PDF)

Function Test

I didn't score as bad on the initial function test as I had expected (8/20 instead of 0/20).  So where do I stand after 90 days?
  • Squat:  2.  No pain, just a little wobbly.
  • Single Leg Stand:   2.  A slight wobble here.
  • Shoulder Mobility:  0.  No pain but still the discomfort when reaching the bottom of my left shoulder blade with my right hand.
  • Chair Touch: 3!  I didn't lose the grip on my back fat.
  • In Line Lunge:  1.  A slight wobble there.
  • Rotary Stability:   1.  Still a little wobbly.
  • Standing Toe Touch: 3!  I can touch the floor now.
My overall score raised by 4 to 12/20!  Sure, I'm not at 100% but didn't expect to be.  No pain, just a little stiffness in one area.  I'm more balanced as the wobbling decreased significantly over these 90 days. Once I reach my goal weight I'd like to revisit this function test to see what further improvements I've made.

Physical Changes

I didn't expect to see that much of a physical transformation since Tai Cheng is low/no impact.  Can you see any differences (besides my smile)?

Some of the stretches during the Neural Reboots became easier as time went on.

  • Inverted V Hang:  I was able to only touch the floor with my fingertips in the beginning.  By the end my whole palm touched the floor.
  • Deep Knee Bend:  I went from hardly able to bend to almost in a complete squat.
  • Drop Stance & Kossak:  In the beginning I had to lean on the couch for balance.  By the end I was able to hold myself up and bend a little further.

Pros & Cons


  • Regained the balance and flexibility I hadn't had for years.
  • Relatively easy to perform most of the moves in both the Neural Reboot and the Tai Chi sequences.
  • Improved my posture and gait in others' eyes.
  • Foam rolling helped rid the pain I've had in my legs for years.
  • Doing the splits in any form.
  • Needed an advanced option at the end to do all 18 Tai Chi moves in one fluid motion instead of repeating the sequences of six.

Overall I think this is a great program for someone like me who wants to get re-introduced to exercise and improve balance and flexibility.

Check out your local library for the DVDs (and buy the foam roller separately like I did) or click below to purchase your own Tai Cheng kit.


  1. Ive always wanted to try that-thanks for the review. Stopping by from SITS!

  2. Thank you for sharing your progress. At the end of day you will feel better and your heart will thank you. Do not give up. Besides how many of us can do the splits in any form. It is wonderful that you are feeling less pain in your legs. Keep it up

  3. If doing the splits is one of two cons then I would say you rock!! How many people can do the splits? Congrats on your progress Cassi. I think regaining flexibility is a huge deal.

  4. I am glad you enjoyed the program and so happy to see your success of this program in conjunction with the weight loss! You are rocking girl!

  5. Thanks again for linking up Cassi!