Monday, October 7, 2013

Corseting Cassi

Corseting Cassi

Corset:  a woman's close-fitting boned supporting undergarment that is often hooked and laced and that extends from above or beneath the bust or from the waist to below the hips and has garters attached. - Definition from Merriam-Webster
I remember reading about corsets in school and seeing them in old time movies.  Every time I'd think, "Why would a woman want to torture herself and wear these things?"  Then in the last couple of years when I started entering blog giveaways I started seeing corsets everywhere.  I thought they must not be as uncomfortable as they used to or these giveaways wouldn't be so popular.  So I'd enter, trying to get the Black Satin Under-Bust Corset.  Then in July I stumbled upon a request for reviewers and jumped at the chance.  Sure enough I was selected!

I looked at the size chart to figure out what they should send me.  My waist measurement matched their 7/8X size but according to US Dress size I matched their 5/6X size.  I provided my selections and waited for the corset to arrive.  I received the Black Burlesque with Red Stripes Corset. Immediately I tried it on over my clothes and found it to be way too big.  Benny said that I'd need one about two sizes smaller!  But does that mean I should get the 5/6X or drop to the 3/4X?  The corsets come with a G-string but I don't like them so I didn't even try it on.

I sent them a message through Tomoson on 8/1 asking what they recommended that I do but received no response whatsoever!  The paper enclosed with the corset only said to send it back to them with the new size.  No instructions on shipping method and who was supposed to pay for the shipping.  I left the package sitting on my desk at work all that week waiting for them to reply.

On 8/12 I sent an email to the contact listed on the paper that was enclosed in the package to see if I'd get a response that way.  I went ahead and returned the corset via UPS (using my work's discount made it cheaper than USPS).  The contact responded to my email on 8/14 with the same information on the paper (but a different company name).  So it looks like I'm going to be out the money for the return shipment.

Tracking information was finally sent to me on 8/27 and the 3/4X arrived 9/3.  I immediately tried the corset on and found it to be way too small to zip.  So, I must lose a lot of weight between now and Halloween or Benny will have to use the back ties in order for me to wear the corset.

This time when he saw the corset Benny believed it's not appropriate for public viewing, only the bedroom.  I tried without success to convince him otherwise but all night he kept saying that he didn't like it.  After I showed him photos online similar to what I had in mind he seemed OK with it.

What I've collected so far to wear with the corset

What it looks like put together

You can see my pooches a little bit but overall the corset fits pretty well.  I even sat at the computer for 30 minutes to an hour.  The bones didn't bother me as I thought they would.  It was pretty snug but in just the right places.  My Halloween costume is virtually complete!  If it weren't for the poor customer service experience this review would be glowing.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. I love corsets too and have always wanted to try one!! Too bad their customer service was horrible, that ruins everything for me :-/

  2. I've gotten hooked on corsets! If you layer them up appropriately they look really cool and not vulgar at all. I've used mine for steampunk, pirate outfits, etc. on Halloween. I went through The Fashion Corset Shop to buy mine last year and their customer service seemed pretty good, plus the package arrived really quickly, so maybe you could try them if you decide to buy more?

  3. I guess I wouldn't mind trying a corset on just to see how it felt, but that would be the extent of it. I don't even wear high heels....

    1. I can only wear flats. Heels of any kind hurt the balls of my feet. I also have extreme laxity in both ankles.

  4. I'd love to try on a corset. I always think they look good on other people but I might not like it on myself. Nice costume!